Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snap Happy Momma

For as long as I can remember, my mother and maternal grandmother snapped (or cracked? Not sure of the correct term) their chewing gum. It wasn't obnoxious or offensive to me. It intrigued me actually. How were they able to do that without opening their mouth? And more importantly, when would I be able to master such a technique? Did it happen after child birth? Did you have to be over 30 to do it? All I knew was that someday I'd figure it out, and when I did, my mouth would be overjoyed.

Apparently I am in the minority when it comes to liking this sound. I just googled "gum snapping" and was amazed at the overwhelming distain for gum snappers. People really get annoyed at this, I've found out. I guess it's good to know that my husband isn't alone in his dislike of gum snappage.

About 15 (+/-) years ago, I had some old silver tooth fillings replaced with composite filings. It must have been the next day that, while chewing gum, it happened. My gum somehow folded into a groove in my new composite filling, creating a teeny tiny bubble, and without warning, when I chewed a 2nd time, it happened ... it made that glorious snapping sound! I now knew the secret ... the older you are, the more dental work you have done, and thus, the more places in your mouth for gum to get caught and create little bubbles for snapping. Cool.

Alright, not so cool around my husband who is annoyed by it, so I really try hard to not do this around him. And before you ask why I don't just stop chewing gum altogether, I will just tell you that stopping is not an option. I'm a wee bit obsessed with fresh breath, and no, mints aren't good enough. Not even those little mouth strips can take the place of my beautiful gumbley.

Okay, so like I said, I try not to do the snapping thing around Henry, and I keep it to a minimum when around other adults, but around my KIDS?! I should certainly have the freedom to snap away, I would think!

Um, not so.

Last Sunday on our way to church, I was getting in some pre-service gum snaps when I heard ...

Megan: Mom, you reeeally like to chomp your gum, don't you?

Me: I don't "chomp" it. I snap it ... a little.

Amanda: You snap it A LOT. And you're always telling US to chew with our mouth closed, so what's the deal?

Me: I keep my mouth closed when I chew gum.

Amanda: Well it sure doesn't SOUND like it.

Me: Well (I started all defensively) ... humph (I finished in defeat).

So there you have it. No more gum snapping around my family. It's sad really. Since becoming a mom, I've always treasured my "alone" time. Even if that time is spent grocery shopping. And now It seems I have another reason to look forward to being by myself ... at least when I'm alone, I can push my cart and snap the bejeebers out of my gum without ridicule.

So yeah, if you see or HEAR me in a store someday, please just walk on by, and let me snap on. Thanks.


  1. Hi I Amy and I like to snap my gum too.

    there...I said it.

  2. And don't you feel better for saying it? Just so you know, I clapped after reading your admission.