Monday, January 17, 2011


Henry, by trade, is all things audio. When friends ask him to run sound for events, he often gets thanked with gift cards to restaurants. This is something that a wife who hates to cook, absolutely LOVES.

Tonight it was time to use the Applebee's gift card. Perfect for dinner on a Monday holiday evening!

After ordering, the girls were coloring their paper menu/activity place mats when Megan showed me hers. The activity she had completed was the "Draw Your Own Invention for Farm Animals" one.

Her invention: A whip for pigs. Once you hit them with the whip, they calm down and walk away. Genius.

We totally need to patent this.

Now if you're wondering why the whip has red claws on it, that's because when Meg told us what her invention was, we laughed. I know. Terrible parents. It wasn't like a big 'ole guffaw, but a laugh nonetheless. This hurt her feelings, and made her think the invention wasn't good enough. We tried to convince her otherwise, but she would have none of it.

Sooo, she added the claws and voila! A pig whip turns into a pig back scratcher!

Nothin' funny 'bout that.

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