Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sweet Justice

It happened. 


I was in a store the other day, swimsuit shopping with my daughters, ages fifteen and almost thirteen, when we all heard the most horrific screaming. The kind of shrill, migraine-inducing sound that can only be produced by a toddler who isn't getting their way.

I refrained from commenting at first, because I'm a mom, and every mom, at least once during their parenting of a toddler (or in my case - daily for three years) has had to endure a major and extremely public meltdown by their offspring.

After about seven to eight minutes of having to listen to this strong-willed kid, Megan broke and whisper-yelled to me, "UGH!!! That is SOOOOO ANNOYING!!!"


As I stood there and realized that the day I'd been awaiting for at least nine years had actually arrived, I savored the moment as I replied with a smirk and perfect degree of sarcasm, "What's the matter, Meg? Is that screaming bothering you? Is that crying too loud for you? Hmmm?" Megan quickly looked back at me with an all knowing eye-roll and responded, "I'M SORRY, OKAY???   I WAS YOUNG!!!   I DIDN'T HAVE A BRAIN BACK THEN!!   I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT I WAS DOING!!!"

I said, "Well NOW you KNOW."

I swear, the only day that might possibly trump this one, will be if she calls me to say that her own toddler reenacted her tantrum as a 3 year old, and screamed bloody murder while being carried in a death grip through Macy's.

Take heart mothers of young ones! Justice WILL be yours someday, and it will be SO very sweet!!