Monday, July 23, 2012


This afternoon when Amanda said she was hungry and would like an apple, I offered her a peach instead. I'd had one earlier and knew first hand just how yummy they were ...

Amanda:  I don't like peaches.

Me:  You don't?

Amanda:  No, that's why I asked for an apple.

Hmm. This got me wondering ... how did I miss the fact that Amanda doesn't like peaches?  Is Henry aware of this?  Does her sister and all of her friends know this?  What else am I completely clueless about when it comes to my firstborn's likes and dislikes?!  

It was then that I had a flashback to Megan's 2nd birthday party.

Ever since a friend had told me how fun, easy and, most importantly, inexpensive it was to have a party at McDonald's, I'd been having Amanda's parties there.  So naturally, when it came time for Megan's first party, I knew the drill and made the plans.

We'd opened presents and were cutting the chocolate cake (compliments of Mickey D), when a friend pulled me aside ...

Friend:  I thought Megan didn't like McDonald's?

I thought back to the last time we were there for a party, and how Megan was crying the whole time, begging to leave.

Me:  Hmm. You're right. She doesn't.

Friend:  And didn't she tell me at my son's party that she doesn't like chocolate cake?

Me realizing that Megan had just opted for vanilla ice cream instead of a slice of her own birthday cake:  Oh my WORD!! That's RIGHT!! She doesn't like chocolate cake!!! Wow, what a GREAT party, huh?  Her LEAST favorite venue topped off with a cake flavor she HATES. Happy birthday, Meg!!

Yeah. Not my best parenting moment. 

I've often said that it's a good thing my girls tell me when they're hungry, because I might not remember to feed them otherwise ... and people thought I was kidding.

Here's a photo my friend Rachel took of the girls about  4 months after Meg's birthday party from hell ... and she's obviously not over it.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


While walking through Target ...

Amanda:  Ooh, look at that cute bedspread!! I need that for my bed.

This declaration coming from an 11 year old who is already on her THIRD bedspread.

Me:  You do NOT need a new bedspread.  Your father and I have had the same bedspread for almost 18 years. (Possibly because we keep spending money on new bedspreads for YOU.)

Amanda:  Yeah, but YOU don't have friends over and hang out with them in your room.

Me:  That may be true, but ...

Amanda:  Face it, Mom. Your life is over.

Me:  Wow, Amanda, thank you so much for those life affirming words. 

Oh, and enjoy making your own bedspreads from now on.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The WHOLE Truth

Today was what you'd call a "balmy" kind of day.  It was overcast, which almost NEVER happens here this time of year. Instead we're used to living in a triple-digit oven from July 'til September. So needless to say,  it's very rare that we actually plan an outdoor activity during the summer, unless of course, it's swimming.

When I realized that it wasn't going to be a typical scorcher, I suggested to the girls that we finally use the mini-golf gift cards that Amanda had won like 5 years ago. That's right, she won some kind of drawing at school back in first grade, and we've sat on those babies ever since. Not sure why, exactly. It's not that I dislike miniature golf really, I guess it's just that I dislike it where we live. The weather just never seems to cooperate during the times that the girls are out of school. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

Okay, so we went. And it was SO fun, at first. 

Then after about 5 holes, Amanda and I realized that we were sweating bullets because it was so stinkin' HUMID. Oh my WORD!! We were DRIPPING, I tell you. D-R-I-P-P-I-N-G !!  So when I hit my ball into the water on the 15th hole (because I'm just that good), I was honestly grateful, 'cause now we'd be done that much sooner!!

After all was sweat and done, we made a bee-line for 7-11, as there was nothing else I could think of that would cool us down better than a super big Slurpee!! And I was right.

A few hours later, we were driving with Henry to Costco ...

Me: It was SO hot golfing this afternoon!

Henry:  Oh yeah?

Me:  Yeah. So we had to get Slurpees afterwards.

Amanda:  Yeah, the LARGE ones!!

I turned and gave her the, "You could have left out THAT detail" look.

Amanda:  And we finished them FAST too!  Especially MOM!!

Me:  Thanks.

Amanda:  Well you DID.

Me:  Yes, but did you know that you don't have to share every detail?

Amanda:  I'm just being honest.

Me:  Fine, but do you have to be BRUTALLY honest?!

Seriously?! Can't a gal inhale a large frozen beverage without it being broadcast to her husband?! Apparently not. Well, at least she didn't see me sneak those 2 cookie-dough balls from the freezer as a chaser to my HUMUNGOUS Slurpee. ;)


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sibling Robbery

Megan has gotten to the point where she will offer Amanda money to spend time with her.  Sad, isn't it?

A while ago she offered to pay Amanda 40 cents to play Movie Theater with her. This "game" included the following perks for Amanda:

Fake monopoly-like money to pay for the popcorn
Movie of her choice 
A "ticket" to see the show

All seemed to be going well, until ...

Amanda:  Mom!!

Me:  What?

Amanda:  Megan is charging me $10 fake dollars for this LITTLE thing of popcorn!!

Me:  Oh, you mean just like at the REAL theater?

Amanda:  UGH!!

I couldn't agree more.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Nail Nonsense

Amanda is in the nail-biting stage of life. She's amazed at those who are disciplined enough to refrain from this particular habit.  The other day ...

Amanda:  I wish I had nails.

Me:  Why?

Amanda:  So I could scrape the plaque off my teeth.

Me:  Oooor you could just use your TOOTHBRUSH!?