Monday, July 23, 2012


This afternoon when Amanda said she was hungry and would like an apple, I offered her a peach instead. I'd had one earlier and knew first hand just how yummy they were ...

Amanda:  I don't like peaches.

Me:  You don't?

Amanda:  No, that's why I asked for an apple.

Hmm. This got me wondering ... how did I miss the fact that Amanda doesn't like peaches?  Is Henry aware of this?  Does her sister and all of her friends know this?  What else am I completely clueless about when it comes to my firstborn's likes and dislikes?!  

It was then that I had a flashback to Megan's 2nd birthday party.

Ever since a friend had told me how fun, easy and, most importantly, inexpensive it was to have a party at McDonald's, I'd been having Amanda's parties there.  So naturally, when it came time for Megan's first party, I knew the drill and made the plans.

We'd opened presents and were cutting the chocolate cake (compliments of Mickey D), when a friend pulled me aside ...

Friend:  I thought Megan didn't like McDonald's?

I thought back to the last time we were there for a party, and how Megan was crying the whole time, begging to leave.

Me:  Hmm. You're right. She doesn't.

Friend:  And didn't she tell me at my son's party that she doesn't like chocolate cake?

Me realizing that Megan had just opted for vanilla ice cream instead of a slice of her own birthday cake:  Oh my WORD!! That's RIGHT!! She doesn't like chocolate cake!!! Wow, what a GREAT party, huh?  Her LEAST favorite venue topped off with a cake flavor she HATES. Happy birthday, Meg!!

Yeah. Not my best parenting moment. 

I've often said that it's a good thing my girls tell me when they're hungry, because I might not remember to feed them otherwise ... and people thought I was kidding.

Here's a photo my friend Rachel took of the girls about  4 months after Meg's birthday party from hell ... and she's obviously not over it.

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  1. Eh, we're moms. Nobody said we're perfect ;-)