Sunday, December 5, 2010


This family moment was something I shared on Facebook almost a year ago before I was blogging ...

The girls had just gotten their ears pierced at Claire's, and now we were all in the car driving somewhere. Probably to Costco. Here's the conversation that took place:

Amanda: Did you know that people get other body parts pierced besides their ears?

Me: You mean like eyebrows and lips?

Amanda: Yeah.

Me: Yes, some people do that.

Amanda: At Claire's they have weiner earrings.

Henry and I jerked to look at eachother, eyes popping out of our heads. Are we really about to have this conversation with our 9 year old?! Lord, help me.

Me: They do NOT !!

Amanda: Yeah they do. They have weiner earrings, and milk shake earrings and french fry earrings.

Me: OH, those. Right.

I'm sorry, but could she not have said hot dog earrings instead?!


  1. I found your blog accidentally by looking for a cartoon pic of lips. I borrowed a lip photo you had in your "Lip Therapy" post back in May (hope that's ok). Then I continued reading your blog b/c I was enjoying it, and I read "Visalia." I live in Reedley. ;) Small world!
    Keep writing - your stories are cute. And I loved the wiener earrings! I had to chuckle a bit! :D

  2. Thanks, A-M!!

    Christine!! So nice to be "found". :) And so glad I had the lips you wanted. ;) You live in Reedley? Small world indeed! Looks like you may have a blog ... I'll have to check it out!

  3. Tami,

    I read your blog from time to time, and today was an especially sad for me, so seeing this made me laugh. Thank you for your stories, both funny and touching.

  4. Tracy ~ I'm sorry today was sad for you. Saying a prayer for you to be comforted. Take care.