Tuesday, December 7, 2010

For the love of God, FOCUS!!

Welcome to math homework with Megan:

After 3 math problems, she gets up to get a snack.

After 2 more math problems, she decides she wants to weigh herself to see if the 8 crackers she's eaten will show up on the scale (she has a goal weight of 60 pounds so that she can ditch the booster car seat. She has 9 pounds to go.)

After 1 more math problem, she decides she needs to burn the calories she's just consumed so she hops on the elliptical for a few minutes.

After 2 more math problems, she decides it's time to make a fort with the kitchen chairs and some blankets.

After 1 more math problem, she realizes she's overheated from making the fort (as opposed to ripping through her math homework), and needs to remove her shirt, which she does.

Yeah. Math homework. Shoot me now.


  1. Can I tell you just how much this accurately reflects my experience with math homework and the Bean? There are days when I almost want to tell her to just skip it and get a zero for the day. My pain is not worth it.

  2. I'm telling you, Tracey, those two would be dangerous together! And yes, I've considered zeros MANY times.