Sunday, May 17, 2015

To the Dad at Food-4-Less

So there I was, grocery shopping alone and nearing the finish line when I noticed a young dad next to me.  He too was bagging food, but was accompanied by what looked to be like his six year old daughter and eight year old son. I don't know all that transpired before they arrived at the checkout, but it was obvious that the parent side of this guy was DONE.

As I packed my items to go, I noticed that his children were now standing AWAY from the conveyor belt and a good two feet AWAY from him, wearing expressions only donned by kids who have pushed the parental boundaries and lost. 

I gave him a knowing smile.

Dad:  You want two kids?

Me:  I have two already, thanks.

Dad:  Ahh, so you're maxed out then?

Me:  'Fraid so.

We laughed. 

The kids did not.

As I pushed my cart towards the exit, there was so much more I wanted to say to him. Things like, Someday they'll be old enough to stay home and you can grocery shop by yourself!! Or, Keep that sense of humor. It's the only way you'll stay sane in the years to come! Or what if I shocked us all by saying, Sure! Come on, kids!

Instead, I chided: "Have a GREAT day!!" The girl said nothing, but the boy smiled weakly and said, "You too."

Thank you for the laugh, Food-4-Less Dad, as well as the reminder that we're all in this together.

Humor and perspective, right?