Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Always Thinking the Worst

I'm a pessimist, which may go without saying, but there it is anyway.

I often run the worst case scenario in my head, because that way I won't be caught off guard. And more importantly, I won't waste precious time being happy and worry-free!!

Seriously though, I often jump to the wrong, and often inappropriate, conclusion when it comes to my girls comments or questions.

Today was a perfect example of just that.

A sandwich was delivered to our office after school.  The delivery guy came to my desk for a signature, and as he was walking out, Megan ran over to me with a look of COMPLETE SHOCK. Of course, I interpreted it as a look of complete HORROR. 

Meg:  Mom! That guy had A DUCK through THE DOORWAY!!

My mind immediately jumped to the phrase, "Your barn door is open." Why, you ask?  Probably BECAUSE I'M ODD!!! I mean, who can explain such a mental catapult?!

So because my mind jumped to the barn door (aka: Your fly is down.) I thought Meg had seen something of the delivery guy that she shouldn't have seen! So I asked for clarification, with fingers crossed.

Me: He had a WHAT?

And that's when she snapped me back into the reality of a 10 year old girl ...

Meg:  He had TO DUCK through the DOORWAY, because he was SO TALL.

Me:  Oh, right. That.

SERIOUSLY!! What is WRONG WITH ME?! As if "He's got a duck through the doorway" is reeeeally gonna be a new catch phrase for some indecent exposure from a regular run-of-the-mill sandwich delivery guy.

I so need therapy.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Welcome to Womanhood

Meg, like most women, does not like shopping for jeans. This can be a problem when all of your jeans from the year before are too tight. Thankfully, her aunt and uncle took her clothes shopping last July for her birthday - right before school started. Somehow they were able to get her to try on clothes at Justice, and walk out with several items INCLUDING one pair of jeans. Woo hoo!

Call me crazy, but as a mom I had some lofty idea of her starting school with more than one pair of jeans, so I took her shopping at another store. After much frustration, she found a pair she said she liked. That's all I needed to hear. Purchase made. Mom happy.

Fast forward 8-10 weeks, and I can't get her to wear ANY other jeans, except the birthday pair from Justice. I asked her why she doesn't wear the other pair I bought for her, and she said, "They're not as comfortable as these." UGH. And since I only do laundry on the weekends, they're pretty much walking around by themselves come Friday.

Last weekend, out of desperation, I made her go with me to Justice to buy a few more pairs of these magical jeans, because you KNOW the current pair is going to fall apart during some stretch exercise in PE, and THEN what?! She'll have no choice but to go to school half naked, and I know for a fact THAT is not in dress code.

We went to the rack, found the EXACT same style and size that she currently sports 24/7, and THEY DIDN'T FIT. Are you EVEN KIDDING ME?! That's right, they were too tight. So we went UP a size, and they were too big. SERIOUSLY?! Where's the JUSTICE in THAT, I ask you?!

Sadly, we left without new jeans. The problem now, because I think she's actually starting to outgrow them, is that they're too tight after coming out of the dryer.

This morning ...

Me:  Have your jeans stretched out a little after wearing them yesterday?

She replied in a tone that demanded the snapping of a "Z" afterwards, and made me wonder if she was somehow part African-American ...

Meg:  Yeah. Yesterday they were squeezing things that SHOULD NOT be SQUEEZED.

And all I could think (after throwing my head back laughing) was, "Girl, I hear THAT."

It's not easy raising girls, and I will most likely pull the majority of my hair out in the process, but at least there will be times like this morning when we can just laugh about how absurd womanhood can be.