Friday, March 4, 2011

More than Infinity?

Megan and Amanda count VW Bugs while we're driving around.

Megan has like 971, and Amanda has around 740.

Megan carpools to and from school with her friend Hunter every morning and afternoon, so he is well aware of her bug counting thing.

The other day when I was driving them from one campus to the other ...

Megan: Yes! 970 bugs!

Me: Sorry Hunter. You must get tired of hearing her yell out those numbers all the time.

Hunter: It's okay.

Megan: Mom, he counts stuff too.

Me: Oh, you do? What do you count?

Megan: He counts porta-potties!

Me: Is that right?

Hunter: Yeah.

Me: Interesting.

Megan: 971 bugs!

Me: Meg, are you gonna' stop once you get to 1000?

Megan: No way!

Me: How high are you gonna' go?

Megan: Um, what's the highest number you can go to?

Hunter: Infinity.

Megan: No. Infinity plus one.

Okay. That's like, a LOT of bugs, and a WHOLE LOT of porta-potties.


  1. haha, is that a running total? I'm impressed!

  2. I drive a yellow bug, and if I ever go through the 'burbs around bus stop time in the morning, it's fun to watch the kids try to hit each other as I go by. Not that I encourage violence ;-)

  3. Yes, Mary, a running total!! How she keeps track, I'll never know.

    Emily! I've always wondered if drivers of bugs realize what violence they are encouraging by driving around town! That's hilarious!!