Thursday, March 3, 2011

Presidential Teeth

Megan's 2nd grade class made some very nice pictures of Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln last week.

First she showed me George:

Megan: Mom, George Washington had wooden teeth.

Me: Yes, he did.

Megan: That's why I put braces on him.

Me: Makes sense to me.

Then she showed me Abe:

I commented on the beard and how much I liked it. (all 4 hairs)

She agreed it was pretty awesome.

Megan: Oh, and mom? His teeth were real.

Me: Which is why there are no braces.

Megan: Right.


  1. He had wooden teeth?!? Ick. The paparazzi would have slaughtered him these days. But I, too, love the beard.

  2. Ha! Ha! Yeah, the paparazzi. Can you even imagine?! Like having the wooden teeth wouldn't have been bad enough.

  3. Okay, so I googled "Did George Washington really have wooden teeth?" And everyone says "NO"!! I remember hearing that as a girl. Hmmm. Perhaps the teacher told Meg that it was RUMORED that he had wooden teeth? He did have several sets of dentures. One set had a cows tooth, and another set used hippopotomus ivory!? Wood or not, I'm thinkin' George's mouth was not a happy place.