Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Amazing WHAT?

I do everything in my power to get the girls to bed by 8 PM. This is no small task when they're usually doing everything in their power to not go to bed by 8 PM.

This past Sunday night I finished praying with Megan at 8:22 PM. I know it was that time because she announced it as soon as I said 'amen'.

I went from her bedroom to the family room and turned on The Amazing Race, which was almost half over by this point.

The next thing I know, Meg has come out of her room and into the family room looking for her pink pillow (she likes to watch TV with it, so that's why it was in the family room.) At this point in The Amazing Race, a deaf contestent was crying over a task he was having to complete. Since I missed the beginning of it (thanks to my offspring), I don't really know what was going on except that it involved little white bowls filled with some kind of liquid.

Megan: What IS this? Some kind of talent show?

Me: No, it's the Amazing Race.

Megan: Amazing GRACE?!

Me getting a little annoyed with each question that keeps her out of bed longer: No, Amazing RACE.

Megan: Oh, because I thought you said Amazing GRACE.

Me clearly in no mood to answer further questions because hello? She's supposed to be in bed!: Megan?

Megan: Huh?

Me completely out of any and all amazing grace: Go. To. Bed.

Megan realizing mom is on to her stall tactic: Okay. Good night (kisses my cheek).

Me: Good night.

Oh, that girl ... her cuteness has saved her life on more than one occasion.

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