Monday, March 7, 2011


Meg had basketball Saturday morning. It's through our church, so if she memorizes the weekly Bible verse and can recite it at the end of the game, she gets to pick out a prize.

I went with her over to the prize table where she quoted her verse with ease. Then came the daunting task of picking out a prize. She picked up this one thing and then promptly put it down because she didn't know what it was.

Me: Wait, what was that?

Megan: I don't know, so I put it back.

I reached over and picked up the little clear container of orange-colored goo with a basketball cap on the top.

Me: I think this is like slime.

Megan: Slime? What's that?

Me: I think you've had some before, but it was called Gak.

Megan: Oh yeah!! I'm totally getting that.

We walked back over to where Amanda and Henry were waiting.

Amanda: What'd she get?

Me: Orange slime.

Amanda: Huh?

Me: Orange Gak.

Amanda: Oh. Cool!

Me: You know, when I was growing up we had stuff like that, but it was called Slime, and it was green, and came in a little trash can. And some even had worms in it. (Sigh) I wish they still made Slime.

Amanda: It came in a trash can?

Me feeling good about my awesome childhood toy: Yeah. So cool.

Later in the car ...

Amanda: Dad, Mom said that they had something called Slime when she was growing up, and it came in a trash can. Is that true?

Me: Excuuuse me??

Amanda: What?

Me: Are you really questioning something I said existed in MY childhood?

Amanda: Well ...

Me: You know, Dad was already done with childhood by the time I was going through it, so how would he know anyway?

Amanda: Oh.

Me: Yeah. If I said I had green Slime in a trash can when I was a kid, then I did. (Sheesh!)

Guess I'll have to show her this photo I found on the Internet, because I still don't think she believes me.


  1. You are so funny. The comment about Henry...too funny!!

  2. Ha! Of all people, I would expect YOU to enjoy that comment!!