Thursday, August 25, 2011

Getting the Message

I looked over at my girls during the pastor's message Sunday and hoped that their less-than-interested body language wouldn't distract him from what he was trying to communicate to our congregation. Amanda was sleeping (Always a good ego-boost for a pastor, I'm sure.) and Meg was playing her Nintendo DSi (Are there any other parents out there who let their kids do this during a church service, knowing that they'll be going to Sunday School next and learn there? Or am I like the worst Christian mother out there? Be gentle with me.)

Just when I was justifying to myself, why I allow my girls to sleep and play games during an inspirational message, our pastor said, "What parent wouldn't want to reason with their child, instead of discipline them? Parents don't want to discipline their kids."

That's when Meg turned to me and said, "Yeah, Mom, don't discipline your kids."

Oh sure, THAT part she hears.

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