Monday, August 1, 2011

Blizzards & Biceps

Megan just had her 8th birthday. Our dear friend Roger ("Uncle" Roger to our girls) asked Megan to make out a birthday list for him to shop from. Her list in its entirety:

DQ Blizzard Machine


Well, bless his heart, Uncle Roger got her the DQ Blizzard Machine (And no, she wasn't disappointed to not get the $4.00.)

It's basically a mini-homemade ice cream maker, only it's not electric, so you have to crank the handle for 10 minutes while the ice cream freezes.

About 5 minutes into the cranking ...

Me: Do you want me to turn it for a while?

Megan: No, I'm good.

Me: You sure?

Megan: Yeah. Besides, it's making me muscles! (showing me her now-huge biceps)

Me: So it is.

Megan: Kinda' like that guy on America's Got Talent. Remember how he was able to move his boobs up and down?

Me: I remember.

Megan: Yeah, that was weird ... and cool.

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