Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Check Please!!

I'm so DONE.

Motherhood is too hard and I'm too tired to continue.

What put me over the edge this time? 3RD GRADE MATH!!! (Okay, and the 3rd grader doing the math.)

After working all day (and for her ... going to school all day), who wants to do 3 pages of math homework?! We certainly didn't! And it showed. She kept popping up out of her seat to do who knows what, and I didn't even have the energy to chastise her. And because I was sitting there trying to help her, dinner certainly wasn't getting made by itself, so when she asked if she could have some applesauce, how could I refuse? It was 6:30 by this time for cryin' out loud! Then when I heard the washing machine finish it's cycle, I went to take care of that and when I returned, I found this:

Yes, those are communion cups (collected from church after service), now filled with applesauce. Way to focus, Meg.

By the time we finished, it was 7:00 and we hadn't eaten dinner (because it still wasn't made!), and the girls hadn't bathed, and I had a headache, and, and, AND, AND, AND!!!!!

By the time the girls were fed and bathed, I realized that I had needed to go poop for like 2 hours, but hadn't had the chance. So while they were getting into their pj's, I went to go take care of business. And here's the sad thing: After sitting there for a few minutes, I couldn't remember if I'd actually pooped or not. I'm not even kidding. I was so worn out that I had to take a look to see what, if anything, I'd accomplished so far.

And yes, I am on suicide watch, as a matter of fact.


  1. Holy freakin cow . . . You mean to tell me this continues??!?!?!?!

  2. Lol. You crack me up. And make me terrified about 3rd grade math.

  3. Yes, Talitha. Apparently IT NEVER ENDS. Do NOT have any more babies!! Save yourself!!!

    Stacey ~ I just found out why I was struggling with the 3rd grade math ... it's ALGEBRA!! I totally failed Algebra in high school, and now they're introducing the concepts to 3rd graders!? Oh my word. A math professor friend asked if my daughter needed him to tutor her and I said that I would be the one needing the tutoring! Ha!