Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Looth Tooth

Megan's top right front tooth has been loose forever!

She was finally able to pull it out at school Tuesday.

Megan: How much money do you think I'll get for this tooth?

Me: How much did you get last time?

Megan: 1 dollar.

Me: Well, that's probably what you'll get then.

Megan: Aww. I wanted 2 bucks.

Later she wrote this note for the tooth fairy ...

Thank you for taking my tooth.
I want 2 bukes
Thank you.
From Megan.
To the most wonderful tooth fairy ever.

And yes, she got 2 "bukes" instead of just 1.

Hey ... she ended the note with "Amen", so it was almost like a prayer, right?

Btw ~ Her older sister, Amanda, has saved all of her baby teeth, refusing to surrender them to the Tooth Fairy. I wonder if she thinks she'll get more money if she turns them in as a set?

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