Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mothers Know Nothing

My 10 year old knows everything, and I know nothing. The sooner I accept this, the easier I will breathe.

Here are some examples from last weekend that prove this.

Example 1: We had to go to the grocery store. Normally I wait until I can do this chore alone, but I was desperate. On the way to the store, I stopped to fill the car up with gas. While I was fueling, she showed me that her sandal had broken. I told her we should go back home to get another pair of sandals before driving all the way to the store. She said she'd fixed it. I didn't believe her so I made her get out and walk to see if they'd really stay on. They did, but I wasn't completely convinced. She insisted. Well, surprise, surprise ... as we were walking from the car to the store, the sandal came undone again, leaving her to ask, "What do I do now?!" I tried to be sympathetic, but let's face it - all I wanted to say was, "I told ya so." Of course I'm too mature for that, so instead I told her she could just shuffle around the store the best she could.

Example 2: She had a football game to cheer for on Saturday. She asked me to put her hair in a high ponytail, which I did. I put it up real high, because that's the way cheerleaders wear them now. Of course, she thought it was too high and told me to lower it. I tried to tell her that it had to be higher than she wanted it, but hey, what do I know, right? So we get to the game, and she runs over to the other cheerleaders (who are sportin' super-high ponytails) and then runs back to me ... "Mom, they said my ponytail isn't high enough. Can you fix it?"

Like I said, she knows everything and I know nothing. Someday I'll get it.

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