Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bedtime Cheers

I never know what bedtime will hold when it comes to Megan.

Last night I knelt down beside her bed to pray with her ...

Megan: Mom, look out.

Me: What?

Megan while lying on her back: I'm gonna' do this cheer: T D clap clap Touch Down clap clap T D clap clap Touch Down clap clap.

Me: Okay, time for prayers.

Megan: No, wait. I can do the cheer with my legs instead of my arms!

She proceeded to do the entire cheer while lying on her back, but with leg motions instead of hand motions. It was quite something. And I only almost got kicked in the head once.

Megan: I bet no one's done THAT before.

Me: I bet you're right.

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