Friday, September 23, 2011


A monthly feminine hygiene product was laying on my bathroom counter when Meg walked in ...

Megan: What's this?

I told her.

Megan: What's it for?

Me: It doesn't concern you.

Megan: Why not?

Me: Because you're not old enough to need it, so we really don't need to talk about it quite yet.

Megan: But why?

Me: Because you're young. You don't need it. Kinda' like make-up. You don't need that either.

Megan who apparently had some idea of what the item was used for: Wait. Are you saying that people put make-up on their privates?

Me: Uh, no. That is most certainly NOT what I am saying.



  1. What? You don't put make up on your privates? haha.

  2. Well ... I certainly won't ADMIT to it, EMILY!!!
    Ha! Ha!

  3. Hilarious! Now I know where the rumors get started!
    On a side note.... You really need to adjust that ad bar thing....the last few times I have been on it's been asking if I want to flirt with single girls! Ha!