Friday, September 30, 2011

Seating Arrangements

Megan has been seated next to 2 different kids in school so far (we're only 7 weeks in, btw), and each one has talked too much. Try as she might, the talking has kept her from doing her best work in class, to say the least.

Yesterday she came into my office with a major spring in her step ...

Megan: Mom! Guess what?!

Me: What?

Megan: First I got 5 'Good Time' tickets for being in the group that didn't talk.

Me: That's wonderful, Megan. I'm so proud of you!!

Megan: THEN I got moved!!

Me: Who do you sit by now?

Megan: No one!! I sit ALL BY MYSELF!!

She couldn't have been more proud. And rightfully so. I mean obviously being moved to your own space is some kind of huge reward.

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