Thursday, March 15, 2012

Homework Helper

Friday marks the end of the 3rd quarter for Amanda and Megan.

Megan was given the opportunity to raise her grades on a few (read: one inch packet!) less-than-stellar assignments. Some were incomplete, and some were just rushed through, resulting in many red check marks.

The task was daunting, and after completing her math packet for the week, trying to motivate her to take on The Beast (did I mention the thickness of this packet?!) was proving difficult to say the VERY least.

So as I saw her preparing for her meltdown, I had THE BEST idea ... BRIBE HER WITH SUGAR!!!

Me: How 'bout this ... there's one more Twinkie in the pantry. Why don't I get it, and then every time you finish one page, you get to take a bite of Twinkie?!

Megan: Yes! Go get it.

So I did. And it worked like a charm. And you know what? I'd totally do it again if I had to.

And yes, I'll be sure to let you all know when I'll be teaching my first parenting class.


  1. I would totally sign up and even pay money for that class.

  2. Ha! I would pay YOU to attend, Ann-Marie!!

  3. I'm SO going to use this one when my son is in grade school! I found your blog through Tracey Morris. :)

  4. Um....I bribe my daughter with sugar with almost every homework assignment. And she's only in first grade. Pop, jelly beans, starburst, to name a few. Happy to hear I'm not the only one!

  5. Tami--your parenting class would be a hit. I think you'd make a TON OF CASH!