Monday, March 26, 2012

Never Assume

I used to let the girls pick out birthday gifts for their friend's parties. But it became too painful. They were more about looking at toys for themselves than for their friends, so now I just go buy a gift card and we're done.

Knowing that Megan has a birthday party to go to this week, I planned ahead and made a trip to Target on Saturday. I picked up a gift card, then went over to the gift wrap section to buy a little gift bag - because it's more fun to unwrap a gift card, in my opinion. On the way I passed some cute stickers and thought to myself, that will be nice ... to open the gift bag and find a gift card AND some stickers. Yay!! Then I found a birthday card and was on my way.

When I got home I showed Megan what I'd purchased for her friend. She said, "Okay thanks. Oooh! Cute stickers!!"

The next thing I know, she's taken the stickers out of their package.

Me: Why did you take those out of the package?

Megan: I thought you bought them for me to decorate the outside of the birthday card envelope.

Me: No, I thought it would be fun if she received some stickers with her gift card.

Megan: Oh, sorry.

Me: That's okay, I should have said something.

Megan: Here, there's still 1 sheet of stickers left that we can wrap up.

A few minutes later ...

Me: So should we use all 3 colors of tissue paper in the gift bag?

Megan: Sure.

Me: Okay, where's the gift card?

Megan: Inside the birthday card.

Me: Inside the sealed birthday card?

Megan: Yeah.

Me: Well, I guess there's no need for the gift bag and tissue paper then, is there?

Megan: What about the stickers?

Me: We're not going to wrap up a left-over sheet of stickers.

Right? Right.

Next time I'm just buying the gift card - period.

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