Thursday, October 23, 2014

Being Falsely Accused of Road Rage

After Megan's volleyball game, she and Amanda begged for a Mc Donald's ice cream cone.

Being the awesome mom that I am, and knowing there was a large iced tea in it for me, I drove to the nearest Mickey D's.

As I was being handed the cones, I saw that our drive-thru, rarely frequented by us, dumped right into a parking lot exit which was backed up with cars that were trying to merge onto a busy street at rush hour.

As we inched to the exit, I noticed that the parking lot drivers were being courteous and doing the "every other car takes a turn" deal.

Until it was MY turn. 

NOW all of a sudden NO ONE will look my way. They all just look straight ahead as if completely unaware that there's a drive-thru AT ALL.

That's when I see another exit about 100 yards beyond the one I'm trying to merge into.

Excellent. If none of these Bozos will let me in their exit lane, CERTAINLY they won't care if I just cross in front of them to exit somewhere else, right?


Why are drivers SO LAME?!  And selfish. Oh my WORD. SO. SELFISH.

I tried my best to get their attention by waving, yelling, and slowly moving forward.


I realize now as I'm writing this, that three cars doesn't seem like a lot, but you have to understand that it was taking FOREVER to get onto the actual street from the parking lot, so THREE cars seemed like a GAZILLION cars.

So what is a calm and rational mom to do when her yelling and arm waving is getting her nowhere?


Oh yes, I did.

Thankfully, the driver of the car that I was about to t-bone, didn't pull out a gun. She just continued to stare straight ahead. As if THAT'S fooling anyone!! 

Amanda: Mom! Control yourself!

Me: What?! They're all pretending to not see me, so I honked. All I want to do is cross in front of them, but they won't look over here so that I can show them with my arm signals that that's what I want to do!! What is WRONG with people?!?!? To the lady ignoring me: I DON'T WANT TO GET IN FRONT OF YOU!!! I JUST WANT TO CROSS OVER!!! SHEESH!!!

Amanda: Seriously, Mom. You have a problem.

Megan: Yeah, Mom. You're raging.

Me: Raging?!  As in Road Rage?? OH BROTHER!! THIS is NOT Road Rage!! I JUST want to CROSS OVER!!!!!!

Amanda: You should have gone to church with me last night to hear Josh. He talked about how we're only focused on what's right in front of us, rather than everyone else around us that we could be helping.


Right about then, I see the next driver, waiting two whole car lengths back, to give this lunatic plenty of room to file in line.

I waved profusely as I tried to explain with my hands: See? I just wanted to CROSS OVER. I'M REALLY NOT A CRAZY PERSON!! THANK YOU NICE DRIVER MAN!!

Don't you know, the girls talked about Mom and her road rage all the way home.

All the way.


I finally said, after realizing that they would never let me have my day in court, "You're welcome for the ice cream."

Then they tattled on me to their dad.

I protested. He laughed. 



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  2. Tami this was entertaining to me this morning. I have been accused of similar things with my kids.

    1. Ronnie!! So glad to know I'm in good company. ;)