Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Morning with Meg

Today Meg got her last 2 fillings. We opted to NOT have her tooth pulled because she still remembers her last tooth extraction back when she was 3 years old, and those are NOT pleasant memories (an abscessed tooth at age 3 ... can you even imagine the horror?)

As promised, we left the dentist and drove directly to Starbuck's for her coffee frap. The gal working the drive-thru window thought we were nuts for ordering a frozen beverage when it was only 46 degrees outside, but oh well. A promise is a promise. (She does look cold in this pic though, now that I look at it.)

Later, as we were driving to the pet store to get her baby fish ...

Meg:  Mom, look! A Verizon store! And there's a sign in the window that says, 'Megan needs a phone.'

Me:  Must be another Megan.

Meg:  Nope. It actually says, 'Megan Elizabeth Grimmius needs a phone.'

Me:  Nice try.

Later ...

Meg:  When I'm old enough to get my driver's license, I'm still gonna need you to drive me around.

Me:  Why's that?

Meg:  Because there's NO WAY I'm gonna remember how to get to all these different places.

Me:  Sure you will. By the time you're old enough to drive, you will have gone to these places so many times with me, that you'll remember how to get there and back home again.

Meg:  No, I'm gonna need you to drive still.

Good to know my job as her personal driver is secure.

And even later ...

Meg:  Did it hurt for you to have me?

Me:  You mean to give birth to you?

Meg:  Yeah.

Me:  Yep.

Meg:  But who hurt you more, me or Amanda?

Me:  Well, Amanda, because she was my first, and my body hadn't done that before. She took 20 hours to get out, but you only took 7. So Amanda definitely hurt more.

Meg:  YES!!

That's right. Everything is a competition between siblings!  I never guessed one would see a shorter labor as a personal victory, but apparently it is.

And this concludes my morning with Meg. The parts I can remember anyway.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Party Animal

It's amazing how life has changed now that I can leave the girls home alone for an hour here or there.  I remember at times wondering if this day would ever come.

Usually Megan likes to stay home with her older sister when I make a quick trip somewhere, but sometimes she goes with me instead.  

This was the case last weekend when I had to run an errand to a craft store.

When we were finished and walking back out to the car ...

Megan:  Can we go somewhere else?

Me:  No, we need to get home to Amanda.

Megan:  Oh yeah. She's probably having a party or something.

Me:  A party?

Megan:  Yeah, you know ... letting the dogs in the house ... eating stuff.

Me:  Right.  We better get home QUICK!!

Monday, December 10, 2012


Poor Megan. She inherited my bad teeth. Of course it doesn't help that she refuses to spend more than 10 seconds brushing them.

At her last check up, we were told that she had 4 cavities - 2 on the left and 2 on the right.  Last week she had the right side taken care of, and next week we go back for the left.  In addition to the fillings, the dentist also wants to pull a baby tooth whose adult tooth decided to make an appearance too soon, and as such, is way behind her front row of bottom teeth. Picture a shark's mouth, and you kinda' get the idea. Humans weren't meant to have two rows of teeth!

Megan has been fretting about next week's dental appointment ever since last week's appointment ended, saying that she would NOT be going back. So when she brought it up again tonight, I did what any rational mom would do ... I broke out the bribes.

Me:  Okay Meg, what could I give you to go to the dentist next week?

Meg:  What could you give me?

Me:  Yeah, like a reward for going to the dentist when you really don't want to go.

Meg:  What kind of a reward? Like on a scale from Limo to Trash ...

Me:  You mean limo being amazing and trash being really bad?

Meg:  Yeah, like a limo is a thousand dollars, and trash is ... nothing.

Me:  Well, I can tell you right now that you won't be getting a limo, and I would NEVER give you TRASH as a reward.

We then proceeded to run the gamut, trying to come up with bribes worthy of her, and affordable to me. 

We finally settled on TWO rewards:

1) A Coffee Frappuccino (Something she's always asking for, but never gets because of the caffeine. Since we'll be on Christmas break, I figured this would be the perfect time to make an exception.)

2) Either fake nails ($6.00 at Walgreens) or something for her fish aquarium.

I think she's actually looking forward to the appointment now.  I mean, on a scale of Limo to Trash ... this is pretty good, right?


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Miracle Mascara

For 2 months now I've been using a new mascara. 

A mascara that DOESN'T SMUDGE!! IT'S TRUE!! 

I was beginning to wonder if such a mascara existed. My under-eye smudging had gotten to the point where I was wiping under my eyes so often, I thought I might be developing a tick.

So ... would you like to know the name of this miracle mascara? Of COURSE YOU WOULD!! Okay, here it is:  Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara by L'OREAL. I know that's a long and pretentious name, but you've just gotta get over that and read on.

Here's how it works: It's a 2-step process where you apply a base coat of white moisturizer-like stuff to your lashes first, and then top that with the black mascara. I'm  telling you, it's revolutionized my under-eye situation.

Alright. Testimony over. Moving on.

Megan usually isn't awake when I'm applying this wonderful goo, but the other morning she walked in while I was rockin' the base coat ...  

Meg:  Ooh, I like your white mascara! Can I try some?

Me:  No.

Meg:  Why are you putting black over it?

Me:  You thought I was gonna leave them white?

Meg:  Yeah.

Me:  The white is a base coat that the black clings to so it doesn't rub off during the day.

Meg:  OH. Grandma needs that.

Sorry, Grandma.

Monday, December 3, 2012

First Fish Flush

Since the end of October, the girls have acquired several fish.

And as expected, they've lost several fish as well.

The first death  was somewhat traumatic.

Meg came to me with tears in her eyes, holding her lifeless pet.

Meg:  I think my fish is dead.

Me:  You sure?

Meg:  I think it broke it's tail in the filter, and now it can't swim.

Me:  I'm sorry, Honey.

Meg:  I really loved this fish. sniff sniff

Me:  I know. Losing a pet is hard.

Meg suddenly looking less depressed and somewhat resolved:  Well, I've always wanted to flush a fish!

Me:  Well, GREAT! Let's do it!

And with that, we skipped to the loo, my darlin'.

Okay, not really.

We walked.