Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Miracle Mascara

For 2 months now I've been using a new mascara. 

A mascara that DOESN'T SMUDGE!! IT'S TRUE!! 

I was beginning to wonder if such a mascara existed. My under-eye smudging had gotten to the point where I was wiping under my eyes so often, I thought I might be developing a tick.

So ... would you like to know the name of this miracle mascara? Of COURSE YOU WOULD!! Okay, here it is:  Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara by L'OREAL. I know that's a long and pretentious name, but you've just gotta get over that and read on.

Here's how it works: It's a 2-step process where you apply a base coat of white moisturizer-like stuff to your lashes first, and then top that with the black mascara. I'm  telling you, it's revolutionized my under-eye situation.

Alright. Testimony over. Moving on.

Megan usually isn't awake when I'm applying this wonderful goo, but the other morning she walked in while I was rockin' the base coat ...  

Meg:  Ooh, I like your white mascara! Can I try some?

Me:  No.

Meg:  Why are you putting black over it?

Me:  You thought I was gonna leave them white?

Meg:  Yeah.

Me:  The white is a base coat that the black clings to so it doesn't rub off during the day.

Meg:  OH. Grandma needs that.

Sorry, Grandma.


  1. Replies
    1. You will LOVE it, Tracey!! Oh, and when you take it off at night, don't be alarmed. Those aren't your lashes coming out, they're the "tubes" coming off your lashes. :)

  2. Gotta try this! Some days I skip the mascara all together, or wear clear, to avoid the raccoon look.