Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Party Animal

It's amazing how life has changed now that I can leave the girls home alone for an hour here or there.  I remember at times wondering if this day would ever come.

Usually Megan likes to stay home with her older sister when I make a quick trip somewhere, but sometimes she goes with me instead.  

This was the case last weekend when I had to run an errand to a craft store.

When we were finished and walking back out to the car ...

Megan:  Can we go somewhere else?

Me:  No, we need to get home to Amanda.

Megan:  Oh yeah. She's probably having a party or something.

Me:  A party?

Megan:  Yeah, you know ... letting the dogs in the house ... eating stuff.

Me:  Right.  We better get home QUICK!!

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