Monday, December 3, 2012

First Fish Flush

Since the end of October, the girls have acquired several fish.

And as expected, they've lost several fish as well.

The first death  was somewhat traumatic.

Meg came to me with tears in her eyes, holding her lifeless pet.

Meg:  I think my fish is dead.

Me:  You sure?

Meg:  I think it broke it's tail in the filter, and now it can't swim.

Me:  I'm sorry, Honey.

Meg:  I really loved this fish. sniff sniff

Me:  I know. Losing a pet is hard.

Meg suddenly looking less depressed and somewhat resolved:  Well, I've always wanted to flush a fish!

Me:  Well, GREAT! Let's do it!

And with that, we skipped to the loo, my darlin'.

Okay, not really.

We walked.


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