Monday, May 3, 2010

Just Say "No" to Bunnies and Yard Sales

This past Saturday the girls and I hit Jeff's Pet Depot for some dog food. While we were there, Megan saw some bunnies for sale.

Megan: Mom, can I get a bunny?

Me: No.

Megan: How much are they?

Amanda: $38.50

Megan: Mom, if I save up $38.50, can I buy a bunny?

Me: No.

Megan: Why not?

Me: We already have 2 dogs that you're not taking care of, we're certainly not going to throw a bunny in the mix. Besides, it's not just the bunny you have to pay for, it's the cage, food, etc.

Megan: Okay, how much is a cage?

Me: I have no idea. $40?

Megan: So if I save up $38.50 and $40.00, then can I get the bunny?

Me: No. As long as we have 2 dogs, there will be no other pets.

I should have known that just because the conversation had ended, didn't mean it was over.

As soon as we got back home, Megan set up a table in our driveway with some items for a yard sale.

Me: Megan, what are you doing?

Megan: Having a yard sale.

Me: Why?

Megan: To get some money to buy a bunny, and a cage, and some food.

Me: I already told you that even if you save enough money, you will NOT be buying a bunny.

Megan: Soooo you wanna' buy something?

Me: No, I do NOT want to buy something.

Megan: How come?

Me: Well for starters, I bought all this stuff once already. I'm certainly not going to buy it again so that you can save up money to NOT buy a bunny.

Megan: Pleeease. Just one thing. Look, this is only a dollar.


Megan: Look, it's a toothpick holder.

Me: I KNOW. It's MY toothpick holder!!

Megan: Soooo you wanna' buy it?


I sure hope I can hold out longer on the bunny than I did on the yard sale.

By the way, if you're in need of a subscription card to a magazine (not the actual magazine, just the card that you mail in), Megan has one available for $5.00.


  1. Ha! We go through the same thing except it's about a snake. I don't care if that snake is a penny. We are not getting bringing it home.

  2. So...did she have any sales? Well, except the one to you???

  3. Just me. I bought a wallet after the toothpick holder. Pathetic.

  4. OK, that gave me and Evelyn a GREAT laugh! Our son Tyler has written short stories on binder paper and tried to sell them at yard sales for Lego money! (By the way, we were introduced to your blog via Lisa Raynes. She couldn't stop talking about it.)
    - John

  5. Crying I'm laughing so hard! And let me tell you- I seriously needed that laugh today! :)

  6. John Schlesselman!! So great to hear from you!! Yes, Lisa is one of my biggest supporters. I'm gonna' have to start paying her. :)

    Sara ~ Laughing until you cry ... is there a bigger compliment? XOXO

    Tracey ~ Praise GOD my girls have no interest in SNAKES. Blech.