Thursday, May 20, 2010

Birthday Mom Protocol

Megan has a summer birthday, so that means we get to squeeze in her school birthday celebration towards the end of May. Tomorrow is the big day, so that meant that today was the day we needed to buy cupcakes. And yes, I'm the kind of mom who purchases her children's birthday treats. If I could do this in a drive-thru, I would (and did until Krispy Kreme closed). I'm just nurturing like that.

Megan: Lets get one box of chocolate and one box of vanilla cupcakes.

Me: Okay, these kind here?

Megan: Yes. Those will be good. Can we get Capri Suns too?

Me: Don't you have a water fountain at school?

Megan: Yes.

Me: Then no.

Megan: Mom?

Me: Yeah?

Megan: Make sure you look your best tomorrow when you bring the cupcakes.

Me: And just what would that entail?

Megan: Eye liner, eye shadow, lip liner, and lipstick.

Me: I get to wear jeans to work tomorrow. Are jeans okay?

Megan: Okay, but capris.

Me: I can do that.

Megan: Oh, and can I do your hair?

Me: Why?

Megan: I want to make sure it looks good, and that no wrinkles show.

Me: Because?

Megan: Because if your wrinkles show, my friends might think you're a grandma or a step-mom.

Me: Good to know.

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  1. Those are just the DARLINGIST cupcakes in the picture! And here's the rub... even if you could make cupcakes that cute (and by you I mean "I") the school (at least - our former school) would NOT let you bring them anyways because they aren't store bought. Like the store is any cleaner than a mom's home who could make cupcakes like that!