Sunday, May 30, 2010

So Proud

The other night after her bath, Megan was very excited to show me a new talent she had acquired. A skill that I tried and tried to master myself as a young girl, but never could. It's something that boys take for granted, I'm quite sure. Just like making those machine gun sounds with their mouths. I could never do that either, darn it.

Megan: Mom!! Guess what I can do!

Me: What?

Megan: I can do an arm fart!

Me: NO WAY!!

Megan: And not just ONE, but TWO at the same time!!

Me: Let's hear it!

Standing outside the tub naked, she put her right hand under her left armpit, and her left hand under her right armpit and went to town. I couldn't believe my ears! She was actually doing it! I was so proud and so envious at the same time. She's funny, cute, AND can do a double arm fart ... I believe that's what they call a "triple threat".

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