Wednesday, June 2, 2010

got milk?

The other night at dinner the family was discussing how we were almost out of milk ...

Megan: Mom, why don't YOU make some milk?

Me: Uh, been there done that, don't plan on doing it EVER again.

Megan: Huh?

motions to motherly milk jugs.

Megan: Not that, I mean get a cow and squeeze it's tummy for some milk.

Me: No, thank you.

I do believe I've earned the right to purchase bottled milk from a grocery store. And may I just say that it's worth every penny.


  1. Been there, doing that. And we're out of milk, too.

  2. lol. When I'm with Evan and he sees a mommy feeding her baby, he usually says, remember when you used to feed me? Ummm yeah, wish you didn't!!!! We just bought milk 2 days ago!