Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Friday

Some stores opened at 3 AM on Black Friday. Most had the sense to wait until 4 AM, because 3 AM is just silly.

There were a few "door buster" items I wanted, so I actually planned to hit the stores when they opened. I KNOW. Crazy.

I slept in my clothes and didn't move all night so as to keep my hair in perfect wake-n-go fashion.

The alarm went off at 3:40 AM. I hit the snooze and started thinking ... this is kind of dangerous ... shopping by myself in the middle of the night. Maybe I should just go back to sleep. Then the alarm went off again, and I just decided to take a chance and go!

I checked my hair (acceptable), brushed my teeth, but skipped the make-up because who puts make-up on at 4:30 AM? Exactly.

I arrived at the parking lot of my chosen stores and guess what? It was FULL. At 4:30 AM!! I was lucky to find a parking spot AT ALL. It was like shopping in the middle of the day! Who were all of these insane people shopping at this ungodly hour?!

Anyway, I was in good company with the no make-up thing. Until, say, 8 AM. Yeah, I shoulda' thought that through. By 8 AM, the normal people were out. People who had showered and put themselves together. And here I am, looking like I've been shopping since 4:30 AM. Nice.

All in all, it was a good shopping experience. Though I found it interesting that at 3 different stores, I ended up in line with 3 different sets of sisters. Does that seem strange to anyone? It was as if they were mocking me, because MY sister lives in TEXAS. (Waaaaa!) I ended up chatting with each set of siblings, and would like to award the Target sisters with the "Sweetest Sisters" award. They held my place in the 1/2 hour line so I could find my $3.99 copy of The Blind Side dvd. THEN, because all the shopping carts were taken by 4:30 AM, they let me put my stuff in their cart! (I still had to pay for my items though.) They were just darling. Probably in their mid 50's. AND they weren't wearing make-up either, so yeah, they were my faves. :)

The JC Penney sisters were nice enough. They were behind me, so I got to eavesdrop on their conversation for a good 20 minutes while waiting in line. And the only reason I was listening is because they both had very loud voices. It wasn't until I accidentally jabbed one in the gut with my elbow, that we started chatting. I know. Isn't that terrible? I told her it would make a great Black Friday story ... getting slugged in the stomach by some crazy make-up-less shopper at Penney's? Come on! Who wouldn't tell that to a few people?

The Kmart sisters were fine, just not as friendly. They were doing that thing where they stood in different lines to see which one would make it to the register first. Of course it would be the sister in front of ME. So over came sis #2 with her full shopping cart. Oh well. I still enjoyed seeing them interact with each other, and by "interact" I mean "argue". Needless to say, the song "Sisters" from the movie White Christmas came to mind SEVERAL times Friday morning.

After all that, I hope my girls like the pj's I got them for $5.00. Oh sure there were other door buster items I was able to get my hands on, but the $15.00 flannel pj's marked down to $5.00 is what really got me out of bed. I won't mention that they rang up @ $10.00 once I finally got up to the check-out. Can you EVEN imagine? Going out in public at that ridiculous hour for a pair of $5.00 pj's, and then getting charged $10.00 for them?! Yes, I brought it to the checker's attention, and he made the correction without hesitation. I'm obviously scary at that time of day.

Anyhoo, Merry Christmas everyone!! Especially you, Tiffers! Someday we'll have to do Black Friday together so other people can blog about what fabulous sisters we are!! xoxo

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  1. 4 a.m.? I am so impressed. I slept until 7 and then ordered "The Town" in my hotel room and watched it in bed. So, people got slugged in the stomach where I was too!