Friday, November 5, 2010

Backseat Bible Trivia

Megan got to choose a prize yesterday after school for helping our elementary art teacher. She chose a pack of Bible Trivia cards. You know what that meant? Bible Trivia on the way to every errand after school.

Megan: Who built the ark?

Me: Noah.

Megan: Who were the first two humans on earth?

Me: Adam and Eve.

Megan: How many A-P-O-S-T-L-E-S ...

Me: Apostles

Megan: How many apostles were there?

Me: 12

Megan: Which apostle doubted Jesus?

Me: Thomas.

Megan: Nope.

Me: Yes, haven't you heard of "Doubting Thomas"?

Megan: Sorry, that's not it either.

Me: Wait, does it say doubted or denied?

Megan: Oh! Denied. Sorry.

Me: In that case, the answer is Peter.

Megan: Right. Okay, what did the wise men give Jesus?

Me: Gold ...

Megan: Frankenstein and Myrrh, right.

Me: Uh, not Frankenstein ... it's Frankincense. There's a big difference.

Megan: Who cares.

Me: Well, one is a a monster, and one is a ...

Megan: Next question!!

Me: Wow (apparently I gave birth to the trivia natzi.)

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  1. lol I need a set of those cards! Love it. We play MATH games in the car...YUCK!!!