Friday, November 12, 2010

Not so Fancy Nancy

Yesterday was book character dress-up day at school. Amanda dressed up as Nancy Drew (already had the costume from Halloween, yay!) Megan decided to go as Fancy Nancy.

I pulled together a darling outfit for Megan, if I may say so myself ... Hot pink headband with a sequin flower, hot pink shirt with bling, light pink lace skirt, hot pink leggings (it's cold this time of year!), pink shoes and the one thing that just screams FANCY: A light pink feather boa! I was so excited for her to put it on. I shoulda' known better.

Me: Come on, Meg, it's time to get dressed.

Megan: Uh, I'm not wearing that (hot pink sequin headband), or those (pink shoes), or THAT (pink feather boa).

Me: Wait, you're not gonna' wear the feather boa? How will people know you're Fancy Nancy without a feather boa?

Megan: I'll tell them.

So yeah, not only did she refuse the feather boa, headband and shoes, but because it was so cold outside, she went with jeans under the skirt instead of leggings. Oh, and we put her hair up in a ponytail, because that is soooo fancy. Honestly, she looked no different than she does on any other non-dress-up school day. Skirts over jeans? She's been sportin' that look for a couple years now.

I thought for sure she'd get to school and wish she had the feather boa, so I snuck it in her backpack in a plastic grocery bag. Note to self: Plastic grocery bags make noise in backpacks. The sound tipped her off, she looked in her backpack and said ...

Megan: Mom!! WHAT is THIS doing in my BACKPACK?!

Me: I thought you might change your mind when you got to school and no one knew who you were.

She took it and threw it on the kitchen table.

Thanks to me she wasn't just a Not so Fancy Nancy, but an ANGRY Not so Fancy Nancy. Good job, Mom.

When I picked her up from school, I had to ask ...

Me: So did anyone know who you were?

Megan: Yes.

Me: Were you wishing you had the feather boa? (I know, I KNOW ... why can't I just let it go already? I shoulda' just worn it myself to get it out of my system. I obviously have issues with feather boas.)

Megan: No, it's dumb.

Me: Got it. (Finally. No, really.)

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  1. Haha! "I obviously have issues with feather boas." Us adults are so weird.