Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meg the Fashionista

Get a load of the outfit Meg put together today for school. The shirt is a hand-me-down, that I honestly thought was a pajama top (I found out from the original owner today that it is not. Whew!) The jeans are floods, but with the beat-up-imitation-Ugg-boots, you'd never know it. Then there's the final touch: A cheerleading skirt over the jeans. As crazy as it sounds to say this, the word "brilliant" comes to mind. You should have seen her walking around in this get-up today. I'm telling you, she owned the ensemble. Mark my words, this girl is and will be a fashion trend setter.

1 comment:

  1. doesn't beat the day my daughter wore her too small red glitter Dorothy shoes to school. I was mortified when I picked her up and spotted her wearing them. That was the last time I slept in and let Dad "ok" a school outfit.