Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Ten Commandments

Tonight while eating a quick dessert before bed, the girls got to see a little bit of The Ten Commandments on TV for the first time. They were quite taken with the fancy Egyptian costumes (or lack thereof in the men's case.) One of the scenes they saw had Pharaoh sending Moses away after finding out he was a Hebrew, and then laying down decrees on how the name of Moses would be removed from any records in the land of Egypt, etc. After each decree, there was a loud timpani drum played for dramatic effect. After about the 3rd one, Megan asked, "What is that LOUD NOISE every time the bad guy says something?" Amanda replied with her first-born-know-it-all-attitude, "Uh, Megan, it's a KINGDOM. And KINGDOMS are all about LOUD NOISES and GOLD JEWELRY."

Remember that, people.

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