Saturday, April 17, 2010

Commercials, Who Knew?

Today is Saturday, (aka errand-running day). The girls usually like running errands with me. Not because I'm so fun to be around (though this is true), but because if they behave themselves, they usually get a treat of some sort (kinda' sounds like I'm talking about my dogs.) They did good today, so their treat of choice was lunch @ In-N-Out, which was also a treat for ME! Bonus!! While we were there, they entertained me with their spoken thoughts ...

Amanda: Mom, are you gonna' vote YES on Prop 16?

Me: What's Prop 16?

Amanda: It will keep people from being taxed more for electricity.

Me: Oh yeah?

Amanda: Yeah. You know how they tax you for everything without asking? Well this will put a stop to that. So are you gonna' vote YES?

Me: If Prop 16 is what you say it is, I will vote YES. How do you know all this? Did they talk about it in school?

Amanda (rolls eyes): Commercials, Mom, COMMERCIALS.

Me: Right, sorry.

Megan: Mom, is your lipstick pink or red?

Me: Pink.

Amanda: It looks red.

Me: It's pink. Unless there's blood on my lips.

Amanda: Eeww! That would only happen if you're a vampire.

Me: How do YOU know about VAMPIRES?

Amanda: Hello? Vampire Diaries?

Me: That's not something you've actually seen, is it?

Amanda: Mom, COMMERCIALS!!

Me: Right, sorry (again.)

Megan: I loooove In-N-Out

Me: Me too. Why do you love it so much?

Megan: The food is awesome.

Me: Yep, it is.

Amanda: Did you know that In-N-Out existed before McDonald's?

Me: Really?

Amanda: Yeah, it says on this paper that In-N-Out started in 1948. McDonald's didn't open until 1955.

Me: And you know this how?

Amanda: MOM!

Me: Wait, I know this one ... COMMERCIALS.

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