Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's hard to compete with a pillow.

I think I've mentioned before that Megan is difficult to wake up in the morning. She is in no way, shape, or form a "Morning Person". (Like mother, like daughter.)

Today was no different. In the past few weeks, Amanda has offered to try and help get her sister out of bed, allowing me to continue with the packing of lunches, feeding of puppies, etc.

One tactic that Amanda has found to be successful, is to remind Megan of something special that is on the agenda for that day. Something worth getting out of bed for ... something like a field trip, early release day, or hot lunch!

Amanda asked me for some ideas that might lure Megan's head off of her pillow this morning. After racking my brain, I finally remembered that the girls were getting to have a playdate at a friend's house after school, while I attended an insurance meeting (No, the insurance meeting was NOT what lured MY head off the pillow this morning!) Amanda wasn't sure that this would be enough to get Meg moving. So she thought and she thought. Then her face lit up. "Mom! I've got it! Not only do we have a playdate after school, but Megan's supposed to get a tattoo from that boy today!! Remember?!?"

"The tattoo. Right. Well, good luck with that."

The scary thing? It worked. One mention of a forthcoming tattoo was all it took to get Her Royal Tiredness out of bed. Should I be worried?


  1. Ummm....worried??? Possibly. :)

  2. this is my daughter exactly. Scott and I have discussions over how we can do mornings better. If we get to school without a meltdown we've succeeded.