Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Heritage Plan

Amanda is one of those kids who sees a commercial one time, and can quote it word for word. I think she gets this from my sister, Tiffany, who used to do the same thing when we were kids. Anyway, sometimes it's humorous, and sometimes ~ not so much. Like tonight, for example ...

Amanda: Mom, have you ever thought about The Heritage Plan?

Me: What's The Heritage Plan?

Amanda: Well, first of all, it's for people ages 40-65 (I hate it already.)

Me: Okaaaay.

Amanda: Mom, did you know that the average cost of funerals today is $6,000?!

Me: NOW I see where this is going. Why are you telling me all this anyway?

Amanda: Why not give money to your loved ones when they'll need it the most?

Me: You can't be serious.

Amanda: Do you want the phone number?


Amanda: Hey, I'm just tryin' to help.

That's it. No more TV.


  1. Love this! My boys are really into commercials right now too. Today Ben (4) said to Sam (5) "Sam, did you know over 30,000 California's have lost their jobs?" Then later in the car Sam said: "Mom, who is Steve Poisen-er?" Oh boy- and the election is still 7 months away!

  2. My daughter is always trying to sell me on the merits of the expandable purse. (real leather, btw.)
    My son is always trying to get me buy that glass bulb thing that you stick into your house plants and waters them while you are on vacation. (I need a vacation first.)