Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Easter Bunny's Gettin' Old

I think the Easter Bunny is showing her age. She waited until the Saturday afternoon before Easter to get all the "stuff" for Amanda & Megan's baskets, even though Easter goodies have been readily available since February 15th (if not sooner.) The girls have been going back and forth on whether or not said Bunny really exists, so the motivation to go all out just wasn't there this year. Bad Bunny!! The more baskets the Bunny saw, the more appealing last year's plush bunny baskets were. And what about the plastic eggs that were saved from last year too!? Hmmm. Perhaps candy is all that's needed this year!! And so that became the plan. Then the Bunny saw some 2-for-$5-made-in-China-woven-purse-type-things. That's it! Fill up last year's basket, add the purse deal and we're good to go!! The Easter Bunny is BACK!!

The girls had very different takes on what they found Easter morning (shocker).

Amanda: "Mom!! I guess the Easter Bunny really DOES exist!! Look at this cute purse and all the new candy inside!!" Later, Meg pulled me aside: "Well, it's obvious that YOU'RE the Easter Bunny!" I tried, sort of, to argue, "What?! Why would you think such a thing?" Megan replied, "Well, for one thing, same baskets as last year, and look up on the fridge ... they're not there anymore so that proves that. AND we had these striped plastic eggs last year too." I lamely countered, "But what about the new purse and all that candy?" She rolled her eyes and said, "Nice try, Mom, but I saw that candy at Target." Oh yeah?!?!? Well it was from Walgreens, Smarty Pants.

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