Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mother of TWO

You know you're not ready for another baby when you go to take your birth control pill, accidently drop it on the bathroom floor and immediately go through this thought progression:


Okay, where is it?

Seriously, where did it go?

It's gotta' be here somewhere.

This floor needs to be mopped.

Okay, there's no way it could have bounced into the toilet, is there?

Should I look in the toilet?

If it's there ... do I rescue it and then do I ... oh please don't be in there, because I would have no choice. For the sake of my sanity, and girl's safety, I canNOT miss a pill!!

Why am I sweating so much?

Whew! Not in the toilet!


Lord, please help me ... I beg You ... please help this exhausted momma find her little white pill. I know that's Your will. I just know it.

Wait! What's that?! Ah ha!! Found you! Thought you could hide next to the waste basket, did ya?

Well nice try, but I'm a mother of TWO, and I mean it.