Saturday, November 27, 2010


We were headed to Visalia for a little extended family time the day after Thanksgiving.

One thing the girls always mention on our way to Visalia, is the bad smelling dairies we pass in route. This time was no different. Except for the fact that I tried to say something funny about it, and it was NOT received well ...

Amanda: Mom, does it smell on your side of the car?

Me: Huh? Why would it only smell on this side of the car?

Amanda: Megan said it smelled like cow manure, but I don't smell anything on my side.

Me: Well, maybe it's Megan manure, if she's the only one who can smell it.

Amanda laughed. I laughed. Megan did not. I waited for her to argue with my theory, but was met with silence. Uh oh.

Amanda: Uh Mom, Megan's crying. Just so you know.


I apologized to Megan three times, but was never acknowledged.

Guess Thanksgiving is officially over, thanks to me.


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