Friday, June 11, 2010

Computers & Polly Pockets

Amanda is on the computer a lot. Her first obsession was Webkinz. Now she's discovered Disney and Nickelodeon shows. (This is a big deal because we are one of the ten families in America who do not have cable.) Megan would like to get in on the computer action, but Amanda just seems to always beat her to it. Before bed last night, Megan asked Henry if she could be first on the computer the following morning. He said she could.

While I was tucking Megan into bed ...

Megan: Mom, can you wake me up early tomorrow morning? Dad said I can have the computer first.

Me: Sorry, tomorrow's my day off, so I'm sleeping in. You can go on the computer whenever you wake up.

So, this morning arrives, I wake up at 9:00 a.m. to find Amanda on the computer and Megan sound asleep. At 9:30 a.m. I tell Amanda that I'm going to take a shower, and that as soon as Megan wakes up, she is to surrender the computer to her.

I'm in the shower when Megan runs in crying.

Megan: Amanda won't give me the computer, and Dad said I could have it first this morning!

Me: I already reminded Amanda of that, so go back and tell her I said to give the computer to you.

I finish showering, and open the door just as Megan is coming back in, still crying.

Megan: She won't give it to me!

Me: Are you kidding me? What is wrong with her?

Megan: Are you gonna' tell her?

Me: Apparently so.

I walk into the family room, remove the headphones from Amanda's ears and the laptop from her lap. She yells, "Everybody hates me!" (Okay, this doesn't work for Megan, so why she thinks it will work for her, I have NO idea.) She storms off down the hallway and into her room.

I get Megan set up on the computer and return to the bathroom to try and finish the "getting ready" ritual, but oh no. Now Amanda comes in complaining ...

Amanda: I took the Polly Pockets into the family room and Megan said I couldn't play with them!

Me: Meg's on the computer, what does she care?

Amanda: I don't know, but she took them away from me and put them back in her room.

Me: For the record: This is RIDICULOUS!! Go get the Polly Pockets and take them back to the family room. You can tell Meg I gave you permission to play with them.

I turn the hair dryer back on, and am actually able to finish getting ready without further interruption.

I walk out to the family room to find the computer on next to Amanda, playing some teeny-bopper show, while she and Megan play together with the Polly Pockets.


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  1. Evan likes the computer too. He's all about the Lego website. He hasn't figured out that you can watch TV on it. We ARE the ONLY family who does not even have basic TV let alone cable!