Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lifeguard Mom

The other day when I got home from work, the girls were begging to go swimming. It was nearing 100 degrees outside, so naturally the pool was calling. They got their suits on, I applied sunscreen, and we were out the door. Thankfully, it was only 80+ degrees in the shade of our covered patio, and with the slight breeze plus a glass of ice water, I was ready for lifeguard duty. Or so I thought.

I was kickin' back in an adirondack chair with our two puppies draped across my lap, when I began dreaming that one of my girls was calling out to me, "Mom! Mom! Watch this! Watch this!! MOM!!! MOMMMM!!!!!"

It was then that I apparently WOKE UP to find that Megan really was calling me.

Thankfully, my girls are strong swimmers, but STILL ... I probably need to make sure I take whatever precautions necessary to actually STAY AWAKE while on future lifeguard duty.

DISCLAIMER: In the rare case that any of my readers work for CPS ... uh, I was just kidding about the whole falling asleep thing. No, really.