Monday, June 28, 2010

Crocs & Costco

Made a trip to Costco tonight. Before getting in the car, Amanda discovered a bag of shoes in the garage. Shoes that no longer fit her. Hence the GARAGE.

She was perfectly fine wearing her turquoise flips, until she spotted the pink Crocs! She grabbed them quickly on her way to the car ...

Amanda: Mom, do you think I should wear my turquoise flip-flops or my pink Crocs?

Me: The Crocs don't fit you anymore.

Amanda: Yes, they do.

Me: No, they don't.

Amanda: They DO.

Me: Then wear those.

Amanda: Megan, which shoes do YOU think I should wear?

Megan: The pink (Crocs).

Amanda: Dad, do you think I should wear the pink Crocs or the turquoise flip-flops?

Henry: I don't care.

Me: Megan & I already said the pink Crocs, so why are you asking Dad?

Amanda: Because I want to know what he thinks.

Me: Fine. I changed my mind. Wear the turquoise (flip-flops).


Amanda puts on the pink Crocs. We pull into Costco's parking lot, Amanda gets out of the car and then switches to her turquoise flips.

Me: Seriously?

Amanda: I just remembered; Crocs make my feet all sweaty.



  1. I JUST had this same conversation with Michaela over some flip flops we gave away to her friend with smaller feet. "But the don't fit you!!!!!"

  2. Tracey ~ The other half of the story is that I tried to clean out MEGAN's closet and give away her gold sandals. She fought me on it, saying they still fit. I tried to remind her that they gave her blisters the last time she wore them. She didn't believe me, of course, and insisted on wearing them to Costco. Guess who got blisters last night!