Thursday, June 3, 2010


I think I've mentioned before that my oldest daughter, Amanda, is an infomercial addict. She doesn't channel surf for cartoons, but rather for 30 minutes of heavy product pushing.

A week or more ago, I had a weak moment. I think it must have been an hour or so before dinner time on a Saturday, and realizing I'd have to cook AGAIN in a few minutes (and by "cook" I mean "warm up"), I found myself swept away by Cathy Mitchell's infomercial for her Redi Set Go meal maker gadget. I wouldn't have even thought twice about it, except they did that, we'll throw in an extra one FREE if you call in the next 26 minutes ... all you'll have to pay for is the extra shipping thing. Well, that plus the fact that Amanda was sitting next to me saying things like:

"We could totally use one of those things, Mom."

"You know why we need one? Because you hate to cook, and those meals only take 7 minutes!"

"Look! They'll even give you Cathy's recipes for $1.00 meals."

"Wow! You can cook steak in that thing! And you know how much I loooove steak."

"You work so hard all day, Mom. Why wouldn't you want one of those?"

Okay, so I wrote down the phone number and Amanda asked, "What are you doing?"

I said, "I'm gonna' order that thing."

Well, you wouldda' thought it was Christmas or something. Amanda proceeded to dance around singing some song about how we were getting a Redi Set Go machine, and how much better life would be because of it.

Fast forward 7-10 business days ...

The box arrives. We take the contents out and display them on the kitchen table.

Megan picks up the recipe book and turns it over to see creator Cathy Mitchell's photo on the back.

Megan: "Mom, she looks like she wants to take all your money."

Me: "She does, and she has."

The postage was almost as much as the "one" product itself. Don't judge me. My kids hafta eat.


  1. that is hysterical!! Please keep us updated on the meals you've made.

  2. "Meals" so far ...

    Pigs in a Blanket
    Grilled Burrito
    French Toast