Monday, June 7, 2010

Meg & Phone (not megaphone)

Megan has a new fascination: The Phone.

She's known about the phone for a long time, but now she actually wants to make her own calls to friends. (What in the world do 6 year olds have to talk about?)

Anyway, I need to backtrack a little, and change the subject somewhat ... Amanda's last birthday party (with friends) was her 8th (I hate to think what 8 birthday parties cost us, but "eight is enough".) Now she is allowed to invite one friend over to help celebrate her birthday each year.

Megan will be turning 7 at the end of July, so she technically can have 2 more birthday parties with friends.

Okay, back to the phone thing.

This evening, about 10 minutes before dinner was to be served, Megan tells me that she wants to call Nikki (her friend down the street), to invite her to spend the night for her birthday.

Me: Honey, your birthday isn't for like 6 or 7 weeks.

Megan: I know, but I want to call her and invite her.

Me: Wait. Are you choosing to have a friend spend the night for your birthday, instead of having a big party?

Megan: Yeah.

Me: Here's the phone.

This is too good to be true.

Megan returns with a weird look on her face.

Me: Was Nikki home?

Megan: Yes, but when she answered I realized that she's not the one I wanted to spend the night. I hate it when that happens.

She gave me the name of the intended invitee.

Me: You didn't invite Nikki to spend the night then, did you?

Megan: NO. But I need to call my other friend now and invite HER instead.

Me: I'm sorry, but I don't have her phone number here. I can get it from the office tomorrow.

Just then the door bell rings. I answer it. It's Nikki. Turns out that in Meg's attempt to not invite Nikki to spend the night, she invited her to come over and play instead, forgetting that dinner was in her immediate future.

I gotta' hand it to her though ... she thought pretty quick under pressure. Once she realized she'd called the wrong friend, she was still able to invite her to something. Even if that something was a walk down the street to get turned away by me.

Now I better remember that phone number tomorrow before she changes her mind about the party. Don't judge me ...

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