Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tissue Teeth Cleaning

I prayed with Megan tonight at bedtime. The room was dark, so I couldn't see her mouth, but when she spoke, it sounded ... uh ... full.

Me: Megan, what's in your mouth?

Megan: Tissue.

Me: Why?

Megan: I'm cleaning my teeth.

Me: With a tissue?

Megan: Yeah.

Me: Where in the world would you get such an idea?

Megan: Michael did it in class one time.

Me: Okaaay ... is it working?

Megan: Mmm hmm, and it tastes like cake.

Me: Really. And just how long are you supposed to keep it in your mouth?

Megan: 30 minutes or 10, maybe 12.

Me: Just don't fall asleep with it in your mouth.

Megan: Kay.

Me: Still standing in the doorway of her room.

Megan: What? Why are you still standing there?

Me: You're a piece of work.

Megan: What's that mean?

Me: You're somethin' else.

Megan: What does THAT mean?

Me: You're one of a kind.

Megan: Sigh. What does THAT mean?

Me: I love you. Good night.

Note: Megan came out of her room a few minutes later to retrieve her pink pillow from the family room ... the tissue was gone, and her teeth were super clean, in her opinion.

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