Monday, June 14, 2010

Consistent Parenting

The girls had a dental appointment yesterday for a check-up and cleaning. They both received a good "report card" (whew!), so we went to Dollar Tree to celebrate by picking up some new water toys for the pool. While we were there ...

Megan, pointing to a giant pixie stick: Mom, can we get this?

Me: No.

Amanda: Mom, look! (pointing to my favorite Reese's) Can we get some?

Me: NO. You two just got your teeth cleaned at the dentist. The last thing I'm gonna' do is buy you SUGAR.

Megan: I reeeeally have to go pee.

Me: Well you're not gonna' go here. There's a McDonald's across the parking lot. How 'bout if we go there, use their restroom, and then get an ice cream cone!

Girls: YEAH!!!

Like I said, NO SUGAR.

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